Monday, 24 May 2010

New books in EMS' library

  • ARTI (Artistic Research, Theory and Innovation group at the Amsterdam School of the Arts): Beginning with music, continuing otherwise (Rtrsrch, vol. 2, no. 1)
  • Bak, Andrea: Else Marie Pade : en biografi
  • Barry S. Brook (red.): Musicology and the computer : Musicology 1966-2000. A practical program : three symposia 1965-66
  • Bruland, Inge (red.): Else Marie Pade og Symphonie magnétophonique
  • Centralantikvariatet: Modern philosophy : from the library of Carl Lesche (Catalogue 13)
  • Centralantikvariatet: Music : from the library of Carl Lesche (Catalogue 15)
  • Donnerborg, Troels: Klangen af en stjerne : historien om vidunderbarnet, Else Marie Pade ...
  • LaBelle, Brandon: Sound culture and everyday life
  • Liljeholm, Thomas & Parment, Hans: Framgångsrik mönstermodell : Coma, Contemporary music and artists, Växjö : Musik i Syds centrum för nutida konstmusik 2003-2010
  • Sjöbrandt, Agnes: Ákos Rózmanns arkiv
  • Tompkins, Dave: How to wreck a nice beach : the vocoder from world war II to hip-hop
  • Voegelin, Salomé: Listening to noise and silence : towards a philosophy of sound art
  • Wiggen, Knut: De två musikkulturerna