Sunday, 26 September 2010

Various stuff

Soundscape studies, (urban) sound design and the like seem to be rather popular in Sweden these days. I'm attending the conference Man & Sound Environment 2010 in Lund this week, a conference immediately followed by another one in Stockholm, Designing Soundscape for Sustainable Urban Development, on September, 30-October, 1.

Another recent conference held in Sweden was the 5th Audio Mostly Conference : A Conference on Interaction with Sound, September, 15-17, which took place in Piteå in Northern Sweden. Proceedings are avalible online.

For our Swedish readers
Ljudplanering is a new web portal on urban soundscapes, developed in collaboration between Movium and landscape architect Gunnar Cerwén.

There's been a recent exchange in Svenska Dagbladet on the research project "Acoustic design artifacts and methods for urban soundscapes" and its companion sound installation at Mariatorget, Stockholm:

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