Sunday, 21 February 2010

CeReNeM Journal call for papers

The Journal of the Centre for Research in New Music at the University of Huddersfield is currently soliciting articles for its second edition. The theme of this edition of the Journal will be 'Physicality and Tactility in Contemporary Electronic Music'.

The Journal will be peer reviewed and published online by CeReNeM at the University of Huddersfield. All submissions on this topic will be considered. We are particularly interested in articles concerning the following areas:
  • physicality as aesthetic in all areas of electronic music (electroacoustic, glitch, microsound, ambient etc.)
  • live-electronic improvisation
  • new interfaces
  • extended instruments
  • performance practice
  • sonification of external physical data
  • sensors
  • issues of virtuosity in new technology
  • live coding as performance
  • perception of physicality in electroacoustic music
Articles should be between 3000 - 6000 words using the attached template and submitted by email to monty(dot)adkins(at)hud(dot)ac(dot)uk by Friday 21st May.

This edition will be co-edited by Dr Monty Adkins and Dr Scott McLaughlin and will be published in July 2010. Further details and enquiries can be made to monty(dot)adkins(at)hud(dot)ac(dot)uk.

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