Tuesday, 30 June 2009

IRCAM call for projects

Call for Projects 2010: Musical Research Residency Program

Ircam (Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics and Music) offers a unique experimental environment where composers can expand their musical experience through the concepts found in new technologies. These technologies are developed as a result of challenges posed both by new musical ideas and new domains investigated by scientific teams. At Ircam, this interactive process is called “musical research”.

Ircam is inviting artists to submit projects for the first musical research residency program in 2010. The musical research residency program is open to international artists, regardless of age or nationality, who wish to carry out their musical research using Ircam’s facilities and extensive research environment. Candidates will be nominated through a selection procedure involving international experts, based on research background and musical motivation, as well as the quality of the proposed project through the online call for proposals. Preference is given to new personalities to the Ircam artistic scene. Upon nomination, each candidate will be granted a residency at Ircam during a specific period (three or six months) and in association with a team/project at Ircam. In addition, laureates receive an equivalent of 1200 Euros per month to cover expenses in France.

For the year 2010, we invite projects on (but not limited to) the following research themes:
• Spatial sound composition
• Compositional and high-level control of sound synthesis
• New paradigms for the gestural control of computer music
• Novel compositional approaches to voice processing and/or synthesis
In addition to the proposed themes, we encourage applicants with novel and unexplored research ideas to apply within the “open call” category. We strongly recommend candidates to consult current trends in musical research at Ircam and elsewhere by browsing through Ircam research department websites.

Submission Deadline: July 31, 2009
More Information and submission procedure:

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