Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Nya böcker i EMS bibliotek

Biblis : kvartalstidskrift för bokvänner, no. 35 (innehåller artiklar om Åke Hodell och Firework Editions)
Rauschenberg and Sweden : essays, documents, comments (Konsthistorisk tidskrift = Journal of art history, vol. 76, no. 1-2)
Augoyard, Jean-François: Step by step : everyday walks in a french urban housing project
Bayle, François & Thomas, Jean-Christophe: Diabolus in musica
Bernstein, David W. (red.): The San Francisco tape music center : 1960s counterculture and the avant-garde
Chion, Michel (red.): François Bayle : parcours d’un compositeur
Hedfors, Per: Site soundscapes : landscape architecture in the light of sound
Lyon, Marianne & Teruggi, Daniel (red.): Bernard Parmegiani : portraits polychromes
Paquette, David: Describing the contemporary sound environment : an analysis of three approaches, their synthesis, and a case study of Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC
Polotti, Pietro & Rocchesso, Davide (red.): Sound to sense – sense to sound : a state of the art in sound and music computing
Puckette, Miller: The theory and technique of electronic music
Stocker, Gerfried & Schöpf, Christine (red.): A new cultural economy : the limits of intellectual property = wenn Eigentum an seine Grenzen stösst
Teruggi, Daniel (red.): François Bayle : portraits polychromes
Teruggi, Daniel (red.): Max Mathews : portraits polychromes
Théberge, Paul: Any sound you can imagine : making music/consuming technology

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